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Government Elearning! Winter 2015 19 >> 50 percent of what we learn is forgotten in one hour >> 80 percent of what we learn is forgotten afer two days >> 90 percent of what we learn is forgotten afer 31 days To make matters worse, sometimes it's just a small group of employees or manag- ers that are selected to attend event-based learning, ofen away from the ofce, beg- ging the question: How does the rest of the employee population learn? Unless learn- ing is reinforced, just a mere 10 percent of knowledge will be retained afer a month by that small group of employees. Aside from expense reports and empty worksta- tions, what does an organization have to show for that 10 percent? Was it worth it? Are learning leaders seeing desired behav- ior changes as a result of that training? Not only can we see a correlation that most of what is learned at an event is lost very quickly, we also see that the invest- ment we made when sending employees away for training events is likely wasted. To make matters worse, event-based learning programs are not scalable. With the rapid need for skill development and transfer to keep up with the pace of change, organizations need learning solutions with enterprise-wide scalability. Because of these reasons, learning should not be viewed as an independent event; rather, learning should be infused in the day-to-day and available anywhere and ev- erywhere employees need it. THE GREAT POTENTIAL OF A CONTINUOUS LEARNING CULTURE To support a continuous learning culture with optimal learning transference to job performance and business growth, the en- tire employee population should frst have access to succinct, on-demand resources — and the resources must be embedded into daily workfow. Tis can be achieved across a variety of functions and platforms. Imagine sales representatives with access to miniature courses on key negotiation skills at their fngertips when they log into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System each day; global project managers with access to videos on cultural customs; and I.T. professionals with access 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.' —Mahatma Gandhi

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