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40 Winter 2015 Government Elearning! Spotlight Spotlight Video E-learning E-learning, as this magazine has been claiming for years, isn't new. From better ways to onboard new employees to im- proving overall performance, there are many benefts to e- learning: >> It boosts productivity by up to 50 percent. >> It's cost-efective: For every $1 spent, a company re- ceives nearly $30 worth of productivity. >> It's time-efcient, cutting down instruction time by up to 60 percent. >> And it improves perfor- mance levels. Yet most companies just ofer "typical" solutions; either bor- ing slide-show presentations or nearly hour-long, drawn-out videos with no real focus. If you lose the audience, you lose the knowledge, which means you've lost out on developing a more productive employee. For video e-learning to be successful, it must have the following four attributes (what e-learning provider ej4 calls their J4 Methodology for creat- ing impactful videos): 1 Just as needed - One size doesn't ft all. Beginner courses for rookies; advanced courses for more experienced learners. Classroom training can't do that. 2 Just enough - Shorter, sequential learning is bet- ter. Learn one thing, then build on that — one step afer another. And, if courses are short, nobody can say, "I don't have time." Ten complete the package with handouts and quizzes to reinvorce the lesson even more. 3 Just in time - Learners get it the moment they need it. New product rollouts, up- dates to compliance or policy — whatever they need to do the job right, right now. Train- ing that's too early or too late is a waste of money. 4 Just right - Never boring. Learning design methodol- ogy must engage — and some- times entertain. Some topics that your video e-learning of-the-shelf library should cover: >> Selling Skills >> HR/Compliance >> Supervision/Leadership >> Safety >> Sofware Skills >> Negotiating >> Retail Excellence >> On-screen Talent >> Presentation Skills >> Professional Productivity >> Operations >> Communications >> Customer Service >> Key Account Selling >> Financial Basics/Compliance Some companies even ofer custom content. For instance, ej4 has a production studio, an editing suite, and world-class corporate trainers. All of ej4's courses — both of-the-shelf and custom — are short, to the point and full of relevant information, designed for today's worker. ej4's subject-matter experts develop courses based on prov- en, academic research. And since its courses are 10 minutes or less, employees have more time to apply what they've learn. Tey have more time to refresh, if needed, allowing for a more versatile training expe- rience overall. Whether you have your own learning management system (LMS), need ej4's, or want to go mobile, ej4 videos integrate seamlessly with any system uti- lizing the latest in video-based technology. —More info: Off the Shelf or Customized, E-learning Elevates Effciency

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