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2 What is not one of the four elements of the learning business process? a) engagement b) alignment c) adoption d) recall 3 For every dollar spent on corporate learning, how much does the company receive in productivity? a) $4.45 b) $10 c) $20 d) $30 4 What two devices are most used to share content on a global basis? a) tablets and smartphones b) smartphones and desktop computers c) desktop computers and tablets d) none of the above 1 How long does it take the average employee to forget 50% of what he or she has recently learned? a) one minute b) one hour c) one day d) one week 5 What percentage of U.S. employees are downloading personal software and apps to enterprise-owned tablets? a) 6% b) 44% c) 61% d) 73% 6 What percentage of U.S. employees say they were overworked in 2014? a) 50% b) 54% c) 68% d) 88% 7 What is the annual growth rate of mobile learning in the U.S.? a) 4.4% b) 8.2% c) 14.6% d) 15.2% Do You Make the Grade? Aberdeen Group Association for Talent Development Bersin by Deloitte Best of Elearning! Big Think DeBaak, Inc. Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015 papers Learning! 100 Awards McKinsey Global Institute Towards Maturity ADVERTISER INDEX American Public University p 3 Litmos, a Callidus Cloud Co. p 28 Cegos p 30 CloudCoaching International p 36 ej4 p 32 Enterprise Learning! Events p 14 Global Skillsoft Perspectives 2015 pg 2 http://perspectives/ Intercall p 7 2015 Learning! 100 pg 51 p 42 SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company pg 52 Skillsoft pg 2, 21, 34,52 Welch Way p 34 Editorial Index Elearning! magazine is published bi-monthly by B2B Media Company LLC, PO Box 5417 Oceanside, CA 92052-5417. Application to mail Standard Class is fled with Sheppardville, KY Post Offce. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to: Elearning! PO Box 5417 Oceanside, CA 92052-5417. Subscriptions are free to qualifed professionals in the USA. All international or non-qualifed sub- scriptions can receive Elearning! e-zine complimentary by ordering at Elearning! magazine is a trademark of B2B Media Company. All rights are reserved. Answers 1) b; 2) d; 3) d; 4) b; 5) d; 6) c; 7) a Results: 6-7 correct makes you Mensa material. 4-5 correct means you are a skimmer — and can learn oh-so much more. Fewer than 4? This issue is your Sunday reading assignment. Try again! 50 Winter 2015 Government Elearning!

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