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Government Elearning! Winter 2015 9 Mainstreaming BYOD Brings Corporate Woes As organizations move further into the post-PC era, staff are just as likely today to collaborate on content through their own personal smartphone or tablet as they are through the corporate laptop. Recent research con- ducted by Ipsos MORI found that 73% of offce workers in the U.S. (61% in the U.K.) are downloading personal software and apps on enterprise- owned tablets. Meanwhile, 52% of U.S. workers (59% in the U.K.) use personal laptops, tablets and smartphones to store and work on enter- prise content. The Millennials — Gen Y workers in their 20s and early 30s — are the worst offenders, according to the study. For example, some 70% of 25- to 31-year-olds in the U.S. (and 56% in the U.K.) download personal apps and software onto enterprise smartphones. This burgeoning demand for personal devices and applications is eroding the concept of the corporate network. As mobile working be- comes the modus operandi, organizations need to consider how they can stop company data from walking right out the door with their people, and what measures need to be put in place to ensure teams can get their jobs done without compromising security. Providing teams with enterprise-grade apps that support collaboration on the move, as well as being simple to use, will help ensure they don't start using consumer tools to provide easier ways to access the information they need. 2015 Learning! 100 Call For Nominations Open The 5th Annual Learning! 100 Award, honoring the top global learning organizations, is now open for nominations. The award program recog- nizes public- and private-sector organizations for innovation, collabora- tion and/or learning culture that drives organization performance. Join past alumni, including Verizon, American Heart Association, 2U and NASCAR to become a Learning! 100 organization. Applications are accepted until Feb. 1,2015. The top 100 will be honored at the 2015 Learn- ing! 100 Awards Dinner & Reception on June 9, 2015 at the Enterprise Learning! Conference in Manassas, Va. Get recognized for your team's hard work by applying today at: http:// form_100.php MIDCOUNTRY FINANCIAL has selected METRICSTREAM to enhance its risk management and strengthen regulatory compli- ance and audit management across the enterprise. MetricStream's integrated GRC solution will help MidCountry Financial streamline the full range of its risk management processes, establish a comprehen- sive risk register and common risk taxonomy, and enhance risk visibility. Through the real-time integration of external regulatory feeds, MidCoun- try Financial will be able to stay one step ahead of its risks, and one step ahead of the regulations. TATA INTERACTIVE SYS- TEMS (TIS) and KNOWL- EDGEADVISORS, a CEB com- pany, signed a teaming agreement recently to co-market products and services in the North American and In- dian region. By combining TIS's exper- tise in design, development, consulting and delivery with KnowledgeAdvisors' extensive learning benchmarks and analytics platform, both entities are uniquely positioned to help organiza- tions optimize the impact of L&D in- vestments on corporate performance. TIS will distribute the KnowledgeAdvi- sors product "Metrics that Matter" as part of a larger learning analytics solu- tions to clients in India. SUMTOTAL SYSTEMS, a Skillsoft company and provider of next-generation HR solutions, is partnering with AURATECH, SUNLINK and BEIJING E- CELL SOFTWARE to deliver SumTotal's Talent Expansion appli- cations to the Asia-Pacific region. AuraTech, Sunlink and Beijing E-Cell Software will strengthen SumTotal's presence in the region by enabling the company to tap into diverse segments, including government, corporate, education, defense and technology. AuraTech is based in Singapore and Sunlink in Hong Kong. ELEARNING BROTHERS HAS ACQUIRED E- LEARNINGIMAGES.COM, an online library that focuses on people images in the e-learning space. With this acquisition, the eLearning Broth- ers library has more than doubled the number of e-learning assets over the last 12 months. This purchase is a critical step in expanding its large e-learning library for CLOs, HR and training professionals, instructional designers, e-learning developers, K-12, higher ed and corporate universities.Those e-learning profes- sionals now can purchase access to a yearly, unlimited download sub- scription of over 35,000 assets. Indiana-based MOONAMI has become a North American partner of TOTARA LEARNING. Moonami is a well-established organization with expertise in multiple learning technologies, including Totara LMS and Moodle. The team at Moonami includes an experienced technical staff, implementation team, and customer support. Deals News

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