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24 Fall 2015 Government Elearning! The 2015 Learning! 100 SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATIONS SEEK (AND FIND) EMPLOYEE ENGAGE- MENT AND ENTHUSIASM WITH INNOVATIVE LEARNING PROGRAMS BY JERRY ROCHE In this day and age, it's not enough for employees to be well informed and well trained. It's increasingly important for learners at corporations, non-profts and in the public sector to be engaged and enthu- siastic — and maybe even entertained. Of all the commonalities in this year's Learning! 100 competition, employee en- gagement from training and development was a major driver of these organizations' successes. Te American Heart Association's vice president of HR and Corporate Learning Katherine Neverdousky says participants in the AHA's new mentoring program "are very excited. Tey appreciate the opportunity for them and the SMEs assigned to them, and they also get peer networking, which makes for great conversations and discussions." Shaw's Chris Clement tells us: "We are constantly hearing from our audience" — meaning his salesforce. "We can't design training how we want to deliver it, because people have diferent learning styles. So we've got to respond to their needs, or we'll be designing training that's obsolete." Vi Living's new open-enrollment benefts education program not only received rave reviews from employees, but it also drove improvements in business-related metrics: a 69 percent increase in fex spending ac- count participation, a 40 percent increase in the enhanced vision program, a 7 per- cent increase in the medical plan, and a 9 percent increase in 401(k) program participation. "And employee satisfaction grew along with participation," Vi's Judy Whitcomb tells us. "A follow-up employee survey determined that 90 percent of em- ployees had a good understanding of com- pany benefts compared to 83 percent from the prior survey." Like the AHA, the financial services company SWBC also has implemented a mentoring program. And, like the AHA, it's finding increased employee engage- ment. "One hundred percent of the par- ticipants indicated their mentor/-mentee was a good match," notes SWBC vice president of Training and Employee De- velopment Mandy Smith. "The vast ma- jority reported feeling more confident in their knowledge, skills and abilities. Six of the 30 participants reported receiving promotions during the program that they attribute to their mentor's support and the mentoring program." Learning! 100 applicants are evaluated across three criteria: Collaborative Strate- gies' Collaboration Index, Darden School's Learning Culture Index, and overall orga- nizational performance. But beyond those metrics, if there is one lesson to be learned from the 2015 Learning! 100 honor roll, it's that engaged employees are informed employees are ex- cellent employees. To fnd out more about how the leading companies are being so successful with their learning programs, review the list on the following pages and watch for upcoming sessions, Web semi- nars, articles and events hosted by Elearn- ing! magazine.

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