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Government Elearning! Fall 2015 25 Community Involvement Spurs Innovation and Collaboration at Salesforce INNOVATIO N AREA OF EXCELLENCE "Collaboration with our customers, partners and employees has been a hall- mark of Salesforce since the beginning — and the Success Community is the hub for that collaboration," says Wayne McCulloch, senior vice president of Salesforce University. Tat's why Salesforce has emerged as the No.1 corporate learning organization on this year's Learning! 100 list. Salesforce's Success Community was recently reborn when it migrated to the organization's new Community Cloud platform. While it remains focused on providing support and training, the network has evolved to include formal collaboration groups, a product idea sub- mission engine and more. "[Our] collaborative environment is a direct offshoot of the Salesforce culture — actively encouraging our contributors to share constructive feedback to improve our products, support each other through informal training, and build communities that help them network and grow," Erica Kuhl, senior director of Community at Salesforce says. Managed by a team of five and supported by many more volunteers who moderate, answer questions and manage groups, the Success Community has more than 1 million registered members — and nearly 150,000 of those members log in at least once a month.The Community platform brings customers together in a way that is easy for them to navigate, easy to manage and moderate, and that is accessible by those outside the Sales- force customer base. Tree specifc Community areas — peer-to-peer support, collaborative learning groups, and customer-based innovation — help drive the company's learning efort. >> In the Answers forum, members ask and answer questions about the Sales- force platform; 100 percent of the questions are answered, 98 percent by customers. Salesforce's support team answers any remaining questions. >> Salesforce-led collaboration groups are linked directly to instructor-led classes from Salesforce University, Salesforce's training organization. With more than 3,200 members, these groups are focused on continu- ing the training experience beyond the classroom. >> Founded in 2013 by a customer, the Certifcation Study Group, which is free to join, has helped many members to earn Salesforce certifcations. Group members have a 98 percent pass rate, thanks to the dedication of 15 customer session leaders around the world. "Our customers are our Commu- nity's greatest innovators," McCulloch says. "They are always finding new ways to share knowledge and learn. For example, one of our most engaged groups is the Salesforce Certification Study group, created by customer Deepa Patel. Group members study together and use the group to ask and answer questions, as well as share best practices for getting certified." The Community's product road- map includes several updates that will greatly enhance the member experi- ence, including: >> A featured groups directory that showcases and curates the most vi- brant, valuable Community groups. >> Public group landing pages that are viewable without having to log into the Community; this helps group owners promote the groups more broadly. >> A step-by-step onboarding "wizard" that will drive new members through their Success Community journey. "We're so proud of how engaged the Salesforce Community members are," Kuhl says. "It is a true example of how people can come together to support each other in a way that benefts so many." "Tis award, along with global scale, adoption proving methodology, industry leading curriculum, online and mobile of- ferings, custom training services, and sub- scription products is helping to solidify Salesforce University as an iconic training organization in the industry today." Salesforce is a three-time Learning! 100 winner. 'Our customers…are always fnding new ways to share knowledge and learn.' —Wayne McCulloch, senior VP, Salesforce University

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