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26 Fall 2015 Government Elearning! Learning! 100 'The Warfghter Deserves Nothing Less' Than Top Training Access from DAU It is unlike anyone at the Defense Ac- quisition University (DAU) to rest on laurels. Finishing tops among all public organizations in this year's Learning! 100 competition is testament to that fact. "Tis past year, Jim Woolsey raised the bar and challenged our organization to excel," says Dr. Chris Hardy, the univer- sity's director of its Global Learning and Technology Center. "To improve business results, he expanded our scope and reach throughout the world, and integrated all formal and informal assets within our new enterprise-wide learning strategy. By doing so, we focused all activities pri- marily on job and organizational success. With this approach, more than 600 DAU faculty and staf are committed to provid- ing the workforce a continuous presence on the job, helping them and their orga- nizations succeed. "Tis has required real-time access to information via a variety of formats, to op- portunities to network and share, to experts and coaches, and to the acquisition body of knowledge — all served up dynamically in a single portal designed to give users just what they need when they want it," Hardy continues. "Additionally, our new enterprise learning strategy is called the Acquisition Learning Model (ALM)." Te ALM — which has won numerous awards prior to the Learning! 100 — was nominated in the Performance category. With it, DAU's primary measure of suc- cess of all courses, Web assets, and perfor- mance support is business results. Com- posed of the three separate yet integrated domains, the ALM "links" DAU's training, continuous learning, knowledge sharing, mission assistance, qualifcation and team training capabilities — by being current, connected and innovative in every area. "Our students need current informa- tion — the latest policies and guidelines, as well as example lessons that are rel- evant to their increasingly diverse and fast-paced work," Hardy further notes. "For our students, current will mean up-to-date case studies and other course materials in our foundational learning, as well as continually refreshed and interest- ing news, assets and tools in our work- fow learning. "Likewise, DAU must have current and direct knowledge of what's going on in the acquisition enterprise so that we can anticipate the needs of our students, bring them the assets they need and teach in a way that is relevant to their work and their learning style. "And DAU must also be tightly con- nected to our customers and aligned with their priorities and challenges. Tis helps make our work meaningful and is also a key function of a corporate uni- versity." DAU leaders are already improving the organization's overall performance with several initiatives: >> Deploying alternate delivery methods to include "fipped" classrooms with micro-video lectures >> Incorporating critical thinking learn- ing objectives into courses, and de- ploying new courses with emphasis on case studies and practical exercises; >> Finding efciency in everything from printing to buildings to work assign- ments; >> Developing a "one-portal" philosophy for DAU's Web-presence that enables ease of content discoverability and accidental learning; and >> Emphasizing Mission Assistance to immediately improve outcomes and also to give its faculty exposure to the most current problems and practices in the acquisition enterprise. "It has perhaps become a cliché to say that the world is changing fast, but there is no place where it is more true than in training and in defense," Hardy concludes. "Tose two worlds converge at DAU. Our new workforce thinks diferently, learns diferently, and will have demands on it unlike any have had in the past. Tese new initiatives will help us keep ahead of the changes in our environment and help us discover new opportunities to remain one of the world's very best training organiza- tions. Te acquisition workforce and the warfghter deserve nothing less." DAU is a fve-time Learning! 100 win- ner. AREA OF EXCELLENCE PERFORMANCE DAU president Jim Woolsey (center, frst row) and all the senior managers who helped make the DAU's Learning! 100 award possible.

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