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42 Fall 2015 Government Elearning! consumerize the enterprise 2 Tey ofer high-quality user experi- ences. According to a recent report from Forrester Research, on average, we spend more than 80 percent of our mobile time using just fve apps. To retain our lucrative attention, the consumer market demands these apps consistently deliver a great experience. 3 Tey are hyper-focused. Te most popular apps exist for a very specifc purpose — to share photos, to listen to mu- sic, to take notes, or even to "knock down buildings with birds." 4 They value the power of design. The applications that succeed in deliver- ing a "must-have" user experience share common traits: thoughtful, purposeful, elegant design. So what do the common attributes of the most successful consumer apps have to do with the recently identifed hot buttons driving learning investments? "If the best consumer apps can secure a lion's share of our total mobile engage- ment, if they can succeed at presenting a daily news feed tailored to our individual interests, if they can be used to signif- cantly boost productivity," says Ramsey, "we should apply the same approach to developing learning tools that can, for ex- ample, address the issues identifed in the E-learning User Study — tools that can drastically improve employee engagement and that allow companies to ofer person- alized learning experiences, even when focused on a specifc topic like improving leadership skills." EXPERIENCE, INNOVATION, INSPIRATION Intellum was founded in 2000, providing an early sofware platform for learning and training. By 2004, the company had fully developed the frst iteration of its fag- ship product, the Exceed LMS. In 2014, it launched Tribe Social, a private activity stream, a video app called Reels, and a performance tracking app called Level, cur- rently in beta. "We have witnessed multiple transfor- mations in the learning industry and have always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve," says Ramsey. His team believes that learning, social collaboration and performance tools should be as powerful, enjoyable and easy- to-use as the consumer applications we rely on every day. "I think the only way you can stay in- formed and understand where the learning technology market is headed is to under- stand how people use technology in their personal lives," says Ramsey. "Playing with Instagram and Snapchat, checking out the Fitbit app, looking at how content is shared on Reddit — these exercises all provide a great deal of insight. Consumer apps have been born out of ferce competition for peoples' precious time and in many cases have evolved into highly valuable and en- gaging experiences. Tis is where we look for inspiration, and the result is evident across all of our tools." Te amount of time spent with digital media on mobile devices surpassed desktop usage last year and is continuing to climb.

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