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Government Elearning! Fall 2015 5 >> News 10 Leaders Get Smarter at ELC15 10 LMS Challenges 11 W.H.O. Promotes E-learning >> Management 15 Leader's View Three questions for Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum on the future of learning. What are the near-term trends you should focus? How to support learner- driven learning? What's the frst step you should take now? 16 Employee Lifecycle: How to Accelerate Time to Value Whether it's an employee's frst day, 10-year anniversary or the day before retirement, organizations need programs to help educate and support their employees. Online learning tools not only help support the evolving needs of workforces at any stage, but they also can accelerate the time needed for employees to begin contributing value to their employer. By Emma King 24 Meet the 2015 Learning! 100 Meet the top 60 corporate and 40 public- sector learning organizations. Discover what the top 10 winners accomplished to drive organizational performance, employee engagement and their learning culture. By Jerry Roche 44 The Power of Values-based Leadership How do you create a sustainable organization by igniting human potential? Mark Fernandes, chief leadership offcer of Lusk Companies, will share the secret to values-based leadership. By Tatiana Sehring >> Tools & Practices 16 Tools to Accelerate Time to Value Every employer's needs differ, but many organizations fnd success utilizing online learning products for every stage of the employee lifecycle, like online job fairs, moment-of-need training and more. By Emma King 41 How to Consumerize the Enterprise NASCAR, Facebook and even Google have leveraged the expertise of these two technologists. Chip Ramsey and Matt Gilley have transformed learning from boring page-turners to engaged learning collaborations that mirror the consumer world of "app for that" and learner-directed access. See how your organization can transform the learning experience. By Jerry Roche 46 Engagement Strategies: Don't Over-Complicate! How do you improve employee engagement? Learning! 100 LAZ Parking and Randstad reveal their learning philosophies. By Matt Gilley 47 Tackling External Learning Audiences Are you serving external training audiences differently than your internal staff? Here are fve common misconceptions and pitfalls about external programs to avoid. By Matt Gilley 50 The Myth of Micro-learning Today's modern learners only have 1 percent of their work week to develop to professional development and learning. While micro-learning can be useful for reinforcement, it is not the answer to acquiring complex skills. By Sharon Boller >> Business 8 Editor's Note The intelligence and wisdom of learning professionals is never more evident than when interviewing them for our annual Learning! 100 articles. Here are some observations the Learning! 100 shared. By Jerry Roche 12 Trendlines Statistics, fgures and industry trends 49 Pop Quiz Are you Mensa material? 49 Ad/Edit Index 50 Last Word: The Myth of Micro-Learning What our industry needs is better clarity on when we need to formally train people, when we need to reinforce knowledge or skills people are building on their own, and when we simply need to keep key principles or practices front and center. By Sharon Boller PG 14

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