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Editor's Note Learning! 100 — A Veritable Fount of Wisdom BY JERRY ROCHE T he intelligence of learning professionals is never more evident than when interview- ing them for our annual Learning! 100 articles. As a matter of fact, all the insightful information they provide usually doesn't fit into our limited space. So here are some perceptive observations from the Learning! 100. The full article begins on page 24. Katherine Neverdousky, American Heart Association: "We pride ourselves on being able to surprise the organization with training that is relevant, comprehensive, challenging and thoughtful. [For example], people from all over the U.S. are involved in our mentoring program, and they have vari- ous levels of tenure, which makes for great conversations and discussions." Frank Persico, IBM Learning: "Te phenomena of data and the Cloud are changing the arena of global business and society. Our most critical business challenge and opportunity are to reach the new buyers that these major shifs in the technology sector have created. Tis is therefore also a cultural transformation for us, and it's one in which our learning organization has a leadership role." Dr. Chris Hardy, Defense Acquisition University: "It has perhaps become a cliché to say that the world is changing fast, but there is no place where it is more true than in training and in defense — the two worlds that converge at DAU. Our new workforce thinks diferently, learns diferently, and will have demands on it unlike any it's had in the past. Mobile learning, simulations, quick videos and other new technologies that were unavailable 10 years ago are now becoming real infuences in learning." Chris Clement, Shaw, Inc.: "We are constantly hearing from our audience. We really can't de- sign training how we want to deliver it, or we'll be designing training that is obsolete. So we have to listen to our audience." Judy Whitcomb, Vi Living: "Vi has linked a strong relationship between employee engage- ment and employee retention. While Vi has one of the best retention rates in the industry, voluntary turnover costs Vi over $4 million annually. [So] we continually look for areas to improve employee engagement and retention." Wayne McCullough, Salesforce: "In our Community Answers forum, customers can ask and answer questions. It is a shining example of peer-to-peer support. In fact, 98 percent of all questions are answered by customers!" Mandy Smith, SWBC: "It's been incredibly encouraging watching folks advance their careers and grow. It's been inspiring for us. It's at the heart of what we want to do for our employees." Does your organization have what it takes to become a member of the 2016 class of Learning! 100 honorees? Call for applications opens September 2015 at 8 Fall 2015 Government Elearning!

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