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Government Elearning! Winter 2016 23 SURVEY SAYS LEARNING LEADERS SHOULD BE PREPARING THEIR EMPLOYEES FOR THE FUTURE AS WELL AS THE HERE-AND-NOW. BY CHRIS OSBORN Each year, multiple organizations publish reports about the state of the training industry featuring data points developed by asking questions from the organizational perspective. Te value of some of that benchmarking should not be diminished. It's important to know that investments in employee training are rising, and that organizations are telling the industry that they are making a certain amount of training available to employees, and that some training topics are more important than others. But we think another perspective is important, too. Now consider nearly every other industry. How do they report on their health and vitality? How about electronics? Automotive? Telecommunications? Entertainment? Without exception, every other industry asks its consumers about the products and services it delivers to gauge the efectiveness and health of its respective industry. How much credibility would any of us give a report about the state of the cable industry, if the only people surveyed are cable providers? Aren't we really most interested in how the consumers of cable services feel? Since there isn't much widely published data on what consumers (employees) of the training industry's products and services think, we thought that kind of research would be invaluable. Terefore, starting in early June of this year and running until early August, BizLibrary gathered 1,821 survey responses from employees about their employer-provided training programs. Te respondents answered three

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