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4 Winter 2016 Government Elearning! Contents WINTER 2016 VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3 >> Cover Story: Te 2015 "Best of Elearning!" Awards PG 27 The 11th Annual Best of Elearning! awards are the industry's exclusive users' choice awards. More than 4,000 nominations were received across 30 solution categories for best-in-class solutions. And the winners areā€¦. By Jerry Roche and Catherine Upton >> Essentials 9 News 10 People on the Move 11 Trendlines 12 Deals >> Features 18 The Holy Grail for EdTech One of "holy grails" of education is the quest to solve the "2 Sigma Problem." This was a problem put forth by Benjamin S. Bloom, the famous educational psychologist. In a series of studies that Bloom performed, he observed drastically different student achievement scenarios, depending on the type of instructional methods provided. By Joe DiDonato 22 Employee Training: A Gradecard from the Employee Perspective Training is a $200 billion industry globally. Employees spend thousands of hours to improve performance and knowledge. But what is the true value of training from the employee's perspective? Discover how learners 'grade' training efforts in this unique industry study. By Chris Osborn PG 22

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