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Government Elearning! Winter 2016 5 >> News 9 Learning! Champion Award Announced 9 How Much Do Talent Pros Make? 10 The Key to Learning Effciency 12 Call for Papers: ELC16 >> Management 13 Leader's View Three questions for Dean Pichee, founder and president of BizLibrary, who peeks into the future of employee training and learning to fnd what he calls "end-to-end learning experi- ences." 15 Insights: Brain Science and Learning Effectiveness How to leverage "brain science" to cre- ate learning that really engages learn- ers and actually improves performance. By Bryan Austin 16 Steps to Create a Learning Strategy The value of a documented learning strategy is that it provides the organi- zation a plan to work from. By Ruth Kustoff 22 Employee Training: A Gradecard from the Employee Perspective Training is a $200 billion industry globally. Employees spend thousands of hours to improve performance and knowledge. But what is the true value of training from the employee's perspective? Discover how learners 'grade' training efforts in this unique industry study. By Chris Osborn 46 E-learning User Trends The E-learning User Study summarizes the results of the corporate segment and provides a perspective of current and emerging e-learning trends, toolsets utilized, future purchase plans, and insight into the decision-making process. >> Tools & Practices 14 Virtual Edge: How to Engage Online Learners Apply these techniques to help present- ers overcome their fears and create highly engaging learning experiences. By Emma King 27 The Top 100 Best of Elearning! Named The winners of the 11th Annual Best of Elearning! awards include well- known brands and many new brands. Which of these 100 winners will be your next 'must-have' solution? >> Business 8 Editor's Note This issue is our gift to our loyal read- ers: the "Best of Elearning!" awards, research and features that yield insights into organizations' learning initiatives and products. By Jerry Roche 11 Trendlines Statistics, fgures and industry trends 50 The CLO Is Becoming Relevant Once Again This interview with Rory Cameron re- veals three key trends that will impact your enterprise, business process and the emerging CLO role. PG 18

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