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Government Elearning! Winter 2016 41 GAMIFICATION Winner: mLevel Game- Based Learning Platform PRODUCT INFORMATION mLevel ofers a low-cost solution that immerses employees in a fun, casual learning experience that can be easily scaled across an orga- nization. Its SaaS-based platform makes quick creation and delivery of interactive learning games easy. Employees can play anytime or anywhere, all backed by leaderboards, badges, social learning inter- actions and detailed analytics. Users can access mLevel on any device, and training missions can be completed just about anywhere. Because mLevel's training is progressive, users have to score above a certain threshold before they can unlock the next round of educational content. Teir col- leagues' scores become visible once a mission is complete, adding a friendly, competitive component and an incentive to score well, too. Tus, engagement is at the center of the platform. FEATURES/BENEFITS >> No coding required to create rich, interactive learning missions in hours >> Its games drive individual and team competition, as well as so- cial learning >> Analysis function allows managers to uncover what employees know and don't know about critical business topics, then react in real-time to close the gaps CUSTOMERS D4, IHG, U.S. Foods CONTACT INFORMATION 205 W. Wacker Dr., Suite 422 Chicago, IL 60606 (888) 564-5395 VIDEO CAPTURE Winner: ej4 Thinkzoom PRODUCT INFORMATION Tinkzoom by ej4 is a powerful knowledge-sharing platform tool for a customized user experience. It's an easy-to-use platform that allows you to record, edit, track, and share company-specifc knowledge. Te bottom line is that ej4's Tinkzoom does more than house e-learning. It's a tool that you can use every day to train, communicate and share information with teams. Its easy-to-use recording features allow you to create video con- tent with your computer or mobile device. Tink of the knowledge sharing opportunities that exist outside of the training department! Tinkzoom allows you to record and share best practices from the feld, the sales foor, or even information from your customers and competition. Ten you can build a training plan around the content with existing of-the-shelf courses and business book summaries. FEATURES/BENEFITS >> Create completely custom training: record and share best prac- tices >> Reporting features allow managers to see who's taking which courses, and then analyze viewing trends CUSTOMERS Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Golden Harvest CONTACT INFORMATION 12125 Woodcrest Executive Dr., Suite 300 St. Louis, MO 63141 (314) 878-6700 Tools

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