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Word Interview with Rory Cameron, EVP of Litmos by CallidusCloud - Leader and disruptor in the corporate learning space. WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST TRENDS YOU ARE WITNESSING IN THE LEARNING INDUSTRY? We see a couple of interesting trends in our own business and across the sector. Firstly, small Medium- sized businesses (SMBs) and corporate silos, that would have previously found it technically and cost prohibitive to set-up structured corporate learning programs, are now beneftting from rapid learning platforms. I believe that this is one of the biggest growth drivers in the market and is expanding use cases across customer, supply chain, compliance, channel and employee learning. Secondly, interoperability; historically learning management systems have been closed proprietary platforms designed to be administered and worked on in a vacuum. We were an API frst platform and over 40% of our customers are either using the API or one of our over 25 packaged integrations. Tis has allowed learning to be seamless, embedded and automated across the day to day operational workfow. HISTORICALLY YOU HAVE BEEN VOCAL ABOUT THE CLO ROLE. WHAT LIES IN STORE? Tey are becoming relevant once again and clearly do not belong in HR. In the past 5-6 years, the major growth in uses cases is for extended enterprise and outside of the frewall. HR is an internal organization and not outward facing to customers, partners and supply chain. We are seeing the CLO ofce more and more become a strategic function similar to IT. It is similar because departments are managing their own tools and platforms but the CIO ofce provides strategic advisory, program management and governance. I frmly believe the CLO ofce will replicate this model. WHAT DOES 2016 HAVE IN STORE FOR THE LEARNING TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE? We are going to see some major changes in the technology landscape. Tere are still over 700 [LMS] vendors in the space; many of which have not added a single line of code in years. Not only are they vulnerable, but companies that are stuck with these vendors are vulnerable to very low user engagement that could have serious business impacts. Secondly, in a hot market like technology with so many vendors and, now private equity companies, buying some of the largest players, I expect to see more and more consolidation. WHAT DO YOU ENVISION FOR THE FUTURE OF LITMOS? I really feel that Litmos will become the corporate standard for learning management, just like Salesforce has become the corporate standard for CRM. We are following a very similar trajectory. We have seen silos and business units deploying on their own, but we are now seeing the corporate division making us the standard in the organization. The CLO is Becoming Relevant Once Again Last Rory Cameron, EVP of Litmos by CallidusCloud 50 Winter 2016 Government Elearning!

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