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Government Elearning! Fall 2016 17 Amazon Web Services' Outcome Based Account Management Program Delivers More than 10 years ago, Amazon Web Services started as a storage service. Today, it offers more than 70 services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, mobile and enterprise applications. e organization announced 722 significant new features and services in 2015 which is 40 percent more than what was introduced in 2014. In 2015, Amazon became the fastest com- pany to reach $100 billion in annual sales and Amazon Web Services reached $10 billion in annual sales. e two companies are very different — one serves consum- ers and the other serves enterprises — but both have grown organically over time and have placed an emphasis on uncovering — rather than dictating — company culture which contributes to their successes. Consistent with the Amazon Leadership Principle of keeping the customer front-and- center, the Amazon Web Services approach to selling starts with the customer and works backward. It defines success through the customers' eyes based on each's individual priorities. e program, Outcome Based Account Management Program Implemen- tation for the Global Sales Organization, has been hugely successful, which is why it's receiving the No. 1 ranking in the Learning! 100 awards. e program is being delivered internationally and is receiving a 4.2 score out of 5 from global participants. Outcome-Based Account Manage- ment (OBAM) is the process, tools, competencies, and dialogue architecture for initiating and solidifying customer relationships through focus on the jour- ney of the seller in a lifelong strategic relationship. e program offers a num- ber of components which is what makes it effective including pre-call, pre-work, one-day live collaborative training ses- sion, three post-workshop coaching calls and on-demand OBAM playbook. Customer-driven products and solu- tions are at the heart and soul of this program and the results are in: >> More than 90 percent of Amazon Web Services builds was requested by customers. >> Amazon Web Services has dropped prices 51 times. >> Amazon Web Services continues to introduce low-cost services such as Aurora (a database engine), Quick- Sight (a business intelligence service), EC2 Container Service (a compute container service) and Lambda (a server-less computing capability). Amazon is working with well-known companies to innovate and fulfill their needs. MLB Advanced Media is an example of a customer that consistently helps rein- vent the customer experience with the help of Amazon Web Services' Kinesis which processes real-time streaming data. It works to measure every pitched ball's movements more than 2,000 times per second, stores the data on Amazon S3 and then performs pitching analytics and so many others on Amazon EC2. Collectively, the suite of ser- vices generates nearly 7TB of raw statistical data per season shedding quantitative light on baseball myths and pearls of wisdom. Netflix is another well-known company Amazon Web Services serves. About seven years ago, decided to move all of its ap- plications to the cloud. It opted to work with Amazon Web Services because of the greatest scale and broadest set of services and features. With the success of Netflix's transition, Infor, Intuit and Time, Inc. have decided to move their application to Ama- zon Web Services. Amazon Web Services already attracts more than 1 million cus- tomers and as the team continues its rapid pace of innovation that allows more capa- bilities for builders, it will be easier to col- lect, store and analyze data, allowing access from more geographic locations and rapid growth in mobile and connected devices. With this rate of growth, Amazon Web Services is No. 1 on the 2016 Learning! 100 top learning organizations. Amazon Web Services is a first-time Learning! 100 award winner. WHILE ALWAYS KEEPING THE CUSTOMER IN MIND, AMAZON WEB SERVICES CONTINUES TO GROW RAPIDLY: AREA OF EXCELLENCE PERFORMANCE Amazon Web Services announced 722 significant new features and services in 2015 which is 40 percent more than what was introduced in 2014.

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