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20 Fall 2016 Government Elearning! Learning! 100 100 DAU's Performance-based Strategic Plan Defense Acquisition University (DAU) graduates 240,000 students annually, serves more than 1 million learners per year and is on the cutting edge of social and mobile learning, as well as virtual learning. DAU's efforts to develop and implement innova- tive learning strategies have enabled the organization to achieve international rec- ognition as a premier corporate university. Looking ahead, organizational leaders continue to examine emerging trends and technologies to ensure that the university offers the best capabilities to the workforce, a task that requires constant self-assessment and reinvention. e Department of Defense's priorities are changing; its current challenge is to not just to do more with less, but to do it better and smarter. Additionally, DAU has achieved global reach and phenom- enal growth, superb customer feedback, and an industry-wide reputation and ac- creditation for excellence. To address these challenges, DAU's Performance-based Strategic Plan for Shaping the Future incorporates its unique enterprise learning strategy, the Acquisition Learning Model (ALM) into its first three goals that guide all of the university's efforts to adapt and improve. The three-year DAU Perfor- mance-based Strategic Plan for Shaping the Future incorporates the organiza- tion's unique enterprise Learning Strat- egy, the Acquisition Learning Model (ALM), into its first three strategic goals: foundational learning, workflow learning and performance learning. DAU has integrated with shared as- sets from all three to create a power- ful learning environment for the new workforce. It recognizes that founda- tional learning delivered in classroom and online courses must be connected to robust learning that goes on continu- ously, outside of structured courses that includes workflow learning which helps workers just in time and on the job. Performance learning targets students through high-impact consulting with specific challenges for programs, orga- nizations and individuals.All three are integrated to create a powerful learning environment for the new workforce. The plan is implemented through a continuous multi-year process. The first year is executed and managed by an annual performance plan that is organized by five strategic goals and more than 100 performance tasks to be completed. These are cascaded down through the leadership team and to individual faculty and staff via their incentive plans to complete. Another important DAU challenge is to help the new workforce and genera- tion of learners succeed on the job. ey will have fewer career opportunities for which to learn and gain experience, fewer mentors to help them learn, and fewer resources, yet still they must pre- vail. Meeting the demands of this new workforce has already driven significant changes in how they approach workforce learning and development. As a result, they are increasingly relying on DAU learning assets on the job. is new set of challenges has ushered in a paradigm shi from where everyone must play a role in learning and development and successes are gauged upon others' rather than solely on each individual. e DAU's strategic plan has been recognized as an award-winning best practice, received a six-year accreditation and has been awarded a commendable rating by the Council of Occupational Education. DAU is a six-time Learning! 100 award winner. HEAR FROM THE WINNER: AREA OF EXCELLENCE C U LT U R E e current challenge is to not just to do more with less, but to do it better and smarter. —Kevin Carman, Dean, Defense Acquisition University, West Region

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