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Government Elearning! Fall 2016 23 Scripps Health Opens Simulation Center for Collaborative Medicine Scripps Health invests more than $35 million annually in employee learning and development, including $1.56 mil- lion in scholarships and tuition reim- bursement in its effort to continually recruit employees. Scripps Center for Learning & Innovation (CFLI) offers a full range of programs, performance consulting, clinical trainings and lead- ership education. Scripps also provides talent development, career services and coaching to maximize the employ- ees' career potential. In 2015, the organization began us- ing a talent portfolio approach by de- veloping a catalog of current employee talent and proactively reaching out to staff about new career opportunities, programs and development opportuni- ties. Senior Corporate Vice President Vic Buzachero says, "We invest in learning so employees can grow with the organization and achieve their career goals while meeting the com- munity's health needs." One of its crowning achievements, the Scripps Simulation Center opened in 2015 providing employees (clinicians and support staff ) the opportunity to practice decision-making, team inter- actions, and hands-on application of knowledge in a safe, real-time environ- ment. e center promotes high-quality standardized safe patient care and is a venue for fostering positive change in work processes while enhancing skill ac- quisition and mastery. is new setting for learning supports the onboarding and continued skill development of reg- istered nurses and other key staff roles. It's a venue that allows for facilitation of return demonstrations providing coach- ing and remediation tailored to each in- dividual. e program has reinvigorated both trainers and learners and brought a renewed interest in practic- ing patient care within mul- tidisciplinary teams. CFLI staff members at- tend simulations training and conferences and visited existing simulation units at local schools and health facilities to discover the best learning outcomes and practices. Scripps leaders collaborated to provide space for the center and promote a revised teaching methodology within their teams. To achieve a ratio of one trained validator for every three students, a pool of clinicians has been engaged and upskilled in simulation management techniques. In collaboration with the recruitment team, new hire registered nurse orientation is expanding from three days to four. Multidisciplinary staff, including housekeeping, are trained and performance is directly ob- served in the simulated patient care area rather than a classroom setting. A gap analysis was conducted and an extensive list of resources was identified to operate a state-of-the art health care simulation facility was identified. The centralized Scripps Simulation Center provides increased efficiencies by more rapidly mobilizing competent staff to new patient care assignments. In this way the Scripps Health en- terprise has addressed the increased need for flexibility in supplying highly skilled care providers. The Simula- tion Center produces a financial labor savings by decreasing the demand for external labor sources while providing improved productivity at the bedside. The center has fostered the develop- ment and deployment of standardized workflows while identifying areas re- quiring ongoing professional and skill development. The quality of care as measured by such high risk indicators as hospital acquired infection rates, safe patient movement, and patient and staff satisfaction can now be addressed utilizing a multidisciplinary, collabora- tive approach that allows for piloting proposed solutions prior to widespread implementation. Scripps Health is a five-time Learn- ing! 100 award winner. HEAR FROM THE WINNER: Pictured: Nancy Saks, Center Director, Scripps Simulation Center, Scripps Health INNOVATION AREA OF EXCELLENCE

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