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Government Elearning! Fall 2016 5 >> Essentials 8 Intelligent Intelligent Symptom Symptom Search Search 9 AI Graduates Graduates Pinched Pinched 10 Combating the Digital Skills Skills Gap Gap 37 ELC16 ELC16 Highlights Highlights >> Management 12 Leader's Leader's View View In 2011, there were approximately one million unemployed veterans. Enter The Warriors to Workforce Program hosted by the Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy, a 2016 Learning! 100 organization. By Stephanie Belella 14 Business of Learning: Once You Stop Learning, You You Start Start Dying Dying If a sales team keeps a company propelling forward by hitting numbers and marketing spurs ripples by creatively capturing mindshare, what are trainers? Trainers help keep business afloat from the bottom up, imparting the data and strategies high- performing personnel need to successfully do their jobs. By Eric Vidal 16 The 2016 Learning! 100 Winners Winners Named Named Collaboration, innovation and high performance are the mark of this year's Learning! 100 winning organizations from Amazon to Vi. Discover their strategies inside. By Claire Johnson 34 Benchmarking the 2016 Learning! Learning! 100 100 Learning! 100 Organizations Organizations How does your organization stack up to the Learning! 100? Eighty- four percent of the Learning! 100 have a Chief Learning, Talent or HR Officer. By Claire Johnson 38 2016 Learning! Champions Champions Inspire Inspire Hear how these leaders are inspiring teams, changing behavior with learning and discovering the power of data in learning. Scan the QR code to access to these inspiring leaders' speeches. By Claire Johnson >> Tools & Practices 13 Virtual Edge: Supercharge Your Your Learning Learning Marketers have been leading the way for many years, delivering a simple yet attractive message in short snippets or segments, like TV advertising slots or social media. When training employees in a virtual learning environment, often the goals are very similar to that of a marketer's. By Emma King 39 Solving Solving the the 2 Sigma Sigma Problem Problem The average student who was taught using the tutoring method performed higher than 98 percent those trained via the conventional classroom. That was two standard deviations, or sigmas, higher. Thus the naming of the "2 Sigma Problem" came into being. By Joe DiDonato >> Business 7 Editor's Editor's Note Note There's a lot to celebrate in this issue including the Learning! 100 winners. By Catherine Upton 10 Trendlines Trendlines Statistics, figures and industry trends 13 Virtual Virtual Edge Edge Four Strategies to Supercharge Virtual Learning By Emma King 14 Business Business of of Learning Learning Once You Stop Learning, You Start Dying By Eric Vidal 47 New New Products Products What's new in Software, Tools & Learning Platforms By Claire Johnson 49 The The Last Last Word Word A look at what might be next for LinkedIn and the Microsoft giant. By Joe DiDonato PG 14

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