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2 What percentage of HR leaders say their leadership pipeline is lacking? a. 25% b. 42% c. 65% d. 74% e. 85% 3 What is the average age of Express employees? a. 22 b. 27 c. 31 d. 43 e. 49 4 Which brands earned Best of Elearning! Award every year? a. Skillsoft b. Articulate c. Adobe d. Cisco e. All of the above 1 What is the size of the Virtual Reality market today? a. $5 billion b. $10 billion c. $15 billion d. $35 billion e. $50 billion 5 What percentage of organizations are planning to improve or develop a new enterprise HR system strategy this year? a. 12% b. 35% c. 40% d. 56% e. 89% 6 How much do learners retain 24-hours after a training course? a. 10% b. 20% c. 30% d. 50% e. 70% 7 Where is top technology talent employed? a. Uber b. Google c. Amazon d. Salesforce e. All of the above Do You Make the Grade? Best of Elearning! Awards awards Future Workplace Goldman Sachs Gronstedt Group HTC IBM Intuit Learning! 100 National Chamber Foundation Oxford Economics Paysa Sierra-Cedar ADVERTISER INDEX BizLibrary pg 16, 52 ej4 pg 3, 46 Elearning! Magazine Subscriptions pg 51 Enterprise Learning! Events pg 35 Extended Enterprise Learning eBook pg 33 extendedenterpriselearning/ Elearning! Web Seminar Series pg 48 web-seminars-series Learning! 100 Awards 2017 pg 30 Litmos by Callidus Cloud pg 2, 45 Riptide pg 15, 47 TransPerfect pg 41 Editorial Index Elearning! magazine is published bi-monthly by B2B Media Company LLC, 44920 W. Hathaway Ave. #1794, Maricopa, AZ 85139. Application to mail Standard Class is filed with Sheppardville, KY Post Office. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to: Elearning! PO Box 1794 Maricopa, AZ 85139. Subscriptions are free to qualified professionals in the USA. Subscribe at reg/choose. Elearning! magazine is a trademark of B2B Media Company. All rights are reserved. Answers: 1)c; 2) e; 3) b; 4) e; 5) c; 6) c; 7) e Results: 6-7 correct makes you Mensa material. 4-5 correct means you are a skimmer — and can learn oh-so much more. Fewer than 4? This issue is your Sunday reading assignment. Try again! 50 Winter 2016 Government Elearning!

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