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8 Winter 2016 Government Elearning! At Dreamforce 2016, Marc Benioff announced the launch of Einstein, Salesforce's AI application. The goal was to make AI easy for everyone to use. Literally, $1 billion of investment went into Einstein, and is now accessible to Salesforce customers to develop AI apps. Enter IBM Watson. IBM gave iPhone users in-app access to the powerful cogni- tive capabilities of IBM Watson, using MobileFirst for iOS apps. This means "made-for-business apps now have the ability to understand, reason and learn based on deep data analytics," according to IBM. "Cognitive insights are at the fingertips of professionals. These made-for-business apps can now understand, reason and learn, pulling from deep data analytics. We're making the apps smarter so the professional can make better, more in- formed decisions," says Mahmoud Naghshineh, general man- ager, Apple partnership, IBM. According to Naghshineh, any Watson API can be inte- grated with apps based upon the use case, including IBM's Natural Language Processing, Watson Conversation and other Watson APIs that have been optimized to work with iOS 10's speech framework. Applications can range from intelligent assistance to learned solutions. For example, Retail Sales Associates using Sales Assist can access data across different resources with the permission of customers -- customer databases and product forums -- for deeper insights in to a customer's unique pref- erences as well as the latest purchasing trends and popular products to assist customers in choosing the right item. With each engagement, Watson gets smarter and hones in on suc- cessful outcomes. "Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time," IBM said. When integrated, these capabilities are designed to solve a wide range of problems, boost productivity and foster new discover- ies across many industries." –Source: lease/50845.wss Ninety-three percent of organizations plan to increase and hold The good news is twice as many companies are planning for Healthcare has five times as many organizations increasing sala- Business Services Financial Services Healthcare Salaries to Rise 3% salaries level in 2017 according to's 10th Annual Bud- get Survey. higher budgets (and salary increases) versus 2016. By industry, ries compared to 2016. Percentage of Industries Giving Larger Raises in 2017 All Responders Software & Networking Chemicals –Source: News Roles Expand for Senior Managers Today's senior managers have more responsibilities than ever. HRIQ study reveals the 14 functions of today's HR and Talent ex- ecutives manage. No surprise, learning, performance and talent management are at the top of the list. –Source: HRIQ Artificial Intelligence on Your iPhone 89% Talent Management 89% Training & Development 83% Recruiting/ Talent Acquisition 94% Performance Management 89% Employee and Labor Regulations 83% Compensation & 83% HR Compliance 72% Employee Communications 67% Executive Compensation 67% Diversity & Inclusion 33% Health, Safety & Security 67% Executive Compensation 61% HCM Technology/ HRIS 56% Health & Wellness Functional Responsibilities What are senior executives managing? 17% 11% 18% 23% 24% 29%

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